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Workshops are one of the most important services that NCTA offers to its members and to the local translator and interpreter community.

Our workshops are open to members and non-members alike, but please note that pre-registration and pre-payment of workshop fee is required.

We strongly recommend early payment for all our CE events. This will not only secure participation at the early-bird rate but also help reach the workshop minimum. Unfortunately, workshops may occasionally have to be cancelled or rescheduled if the confirmed participation in advance is very low. (Please note that NCTA will not be responsible for any consequential losses to participants arising from this.)


Upcoming CE Events:

Workshop: 3 CAT Tools – 1 Afternoon. Meet the Experts – Ask Questions

Join us, May 5 from 12:30-4:15 in San Francisco


12:30- 1:00 – Introduction to Cat-Tools with Tuomas Kostiainen

1:00-2:00 – SDL Trados Studio demo and Q&A with Tuomas Kostiainen

2:15-3:00 – Lilt demo and Q&A with Marina Lee (via video conferencing)

3:15-4:15 – MemoQ demo and Q&A with Gabor Kovacs

Are you interested in purchasing your first CAT tool? Are you thinking about migrating to a different CAT tool? Are you confused about the CAT tool market? Come and join us for an afternoon with the experts. You will be introduced to 3 CAT tools and will have the opportunity to asks questions. 

Click here for more information or to register. 

 Cancellation policy: Refunds are issued only if cancellation is received one full week prior to workshop date. A $10 administration fee is deducted from all refunds. 

If you need any additional information on our workshops or if you have a suggestion for a workshop topic or presenter, please contact our Continuing Education Chair, Judit Marin.

Here are some of the workshops we have offered in the past

  • 2017-06-03 Strategies in Simultaneous Interpretation by Cyril Flerov
  • 2017-03-04: Introduction to Literary Translation by Katrina Dodson
  • 2016-10-01:  memoQ Basic Training by Nick Lambson
  • 2016-10-01   memoQ Intermediate Training by Nick Lambson
  • 2016-06-11:   SP<>EN Translation and Interpreting for the Mining Industry by Jorge Rivera Puchi and Jorge Pérez
  • 2016-61-11:   Exploring Medical Translation by Johanna Parker and Amanda Pease
  • 2016-03-12:  Trados Studio 2015 for Intermediate/Advanced Users by Tuomas Kostiainen.
  • 2016-02-13:  The Dos and Don'ts of Running a Small Business by Kermit Clum, CPA
  • 2016-02-13:  Getting Started as a Translator by Michael Schubert
  • 2016-01-23:  Voice Training for Interpreters and Voice-over Talent by Cyril Flerov
  • 2015-11-14:  Trados Studio 2015 for Beginners by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2015-10-17:  Wordfast Pro 4 Beginners and Migration Training by John Di Rico
  • 2015-10-03: 10 Habits of Highly Successful Translators and Interpreters by Judy Jenner
  • 2015-08-29: ATA SP<>EN Certification Exam Prep (inc. General Overview) by Sean Dodd
  • 2015-06-13: Getting Started as an Interpreter by Nick Zacherl
  • 2015-05-02: Wordfast Pro for Beginners and Intermediate Users by John Di Rico
  • 2015-03-21: Working into your B Language, in partnership with The Berkeley Language Institute, by Angela Zawadzki
  • 2015-01-24: Practical Notetaking for Interpreters by Nicholas Zacherl
  • 2014-11-15: Wordfast for Intermediate Users by John Di Rico. Workshop cancelled.
  • 2014-09-20: Trados Studio (2014) workshop with an overview of the SDL OpenExchange program by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2014-08-23: Preparing for the ATA SP<>EN certification exam by Sean Dodd
  • 2014-06-07: Localization: What does it take? by José Palomares
  • 2014-03-29: A Comparative Analysis of National Medical Interpreter Certification Processes by Carlos M. Garcia
  • 2013-09-28: Contracts for freelance translators/interpreters by Courtney Searls-Ridge
  • 2013-08-24: ATA Certification Exam workshop by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2013-06-22: An Introduction to Game Localization by David Lakritz.
  • 2013-03-16: Whodunit: CSI Terminology for Interpreters by Esther Navarro-Hall. Workshop cancelled.
  • 2013-03-09: Wordfast Pro for Beginners by John Di Rico.
  • 2013-02-23: An Introduction to the Dos and Don'ts of Running a Small Business by Kermit Clum CPA.
  • 2013-01-26: Getting Started in Translation by Michael Schubert.
  • 2012-12-01: SDL Trados Studio 2011 for Intermediate/Advanced Users by Tuomas Kostiainen.
  • 2012-11-10: SDL Trados Studio 2011 for Beginners by Tuomas Kostiainen.
  • 2012-10-20: Court Interpreters Exam workshop by Angela Zawadzki.
  • 2012-09-28: Techniques for Successful Selling to Direct Clients by Andrew Crawford
  • 2012-08-25: ATA Certification Exam Workshop by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2012-06-30: IMIA/NCTA Medical Terminology Boot Camp
  • 2012-05-19: Tools for Quality Assurance and Translation Memory Maintenance by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2012-03-31: Introduction to Conference Interpreting by Jacki Noh
  • 2012-02-25: Introduction to memoQ by Tuomas Kostiainen
  • 2012-01-28: Editing and Revision for Translators by Malcolm Williams
  • 2011-12-03: Financial and Legal Translation Workshop by Bob Killingsworth and Joe McClinton
  • 2011-11-12: CAT Tools Workshop by Uwe Muegge, Tuomas Kostiainen and Yves Avérous
  • 2011-09-24: Using Your Voice to Make Money: Voice-Over Boot Camp for Translators
    and Interpreters (by Maya León Meis)
  • 2011-08-27: ATA Certification Exam Workshop (by Tuomas Kostiainen). Workshop cancelled.
  • 2011-07-30: Technical Writing & Post-Editing (by Karen Tkaczyk and Mike Dillinger)
  • 2011-06-18: Legal Translation for Court Interpreters and Translators (by Holly Mikkelson)
  • 2011-04-16: Techniques for Successful Selling (by Andrew Crawford)
  • 2011-03-05: >Getting Started in Translation (by Michael Schubert and Melissa Wheeler)
  • 2011-01-29: Getting Started in Interpreting (by Julie Burns, M.Ed)
  • 2010-12-04: Trados Studio 2009 Workshop for Intermediate Users
  • 2010-11-13: Trados Studio 2009 Workshop for Beginners
  • 2010-10-02: CAT Tools Workshop (by Jost Zetzsche)
  • 2010-08-21: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2010-05-08: Improvisation Techniques for Interpreters & Other Skilled Language Professionals (Copresented with CFI)
  • 2010-04-10: Lessons From Business School: The Entrepreneurial Linguist (by Judy Jenner)
  • 2010-03-20: A Joint NCTA-CAT Literature Translation Workshop
  • 2010-03-13: Working with PDF Files: Tools, Tips and Techniques
  • 2010-01-30: Preparing for Interpreters’ Written Exams
  • 2009-11-21: SDL Trados Studio 2009 Workshop for Beginners
  • 2009-11-21: SDL Trados Studio 2009 Workshop for Upgraders
  • 2009-09-19: Getting Started in Translation & Interpreting
  • 2009-08-29: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2009-07-11: Freelance Translation: Beyond the Basics (by Corinne McKay)
  • 2009-05-13: Impossible Things: Poetry in Translation Workshop (by Karen Emmerich)
  • 2009-03-14: ATA Translation Tools Seminar
  • 2008-11-22: Trados for Beginners
  • 2008-10-25: Medical Translation Topics Panel
  • 2008-08-23: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2008-05-17: Translating Poetry: A Primer
  • 2008-03-15: Legal Interpretation and Translation
  • 2007-10-13: From Ink to Electrons: MS Office and Google Ideas for Translators
  • 2007-08-18: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2007-05-05/06: A Weekend of TRADOS Workshops in Los Angeles
  • 2007-04-21: Basic and Advanced TRADOS Workshop in San Francisco
  • 2007-03-10: Marketing Workshop for T & I Business
  • 2007-01-20: Getting Started in Translation & Interpreting
  • 2006-10-14: Introduction to Linguistic Quality Assurance Workshop
  • 2006-09-17: MultiTerm Workshop for Trados Users (in conjunction with ATA Medical Translation Seminar)
  • 2006-08-26: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2006-04-29: Introduction to Word and Excel Macros, and Their Applications
  • 2006-03-04: A Hands-on TRADOS Workshop for Beginners
  • 2005-10-29: Introduction to Software Localization
  • 2005-10-15: Getting Started in T & I
  • 2005-09-10: Mentoring Workshop
  • 2005-08-20: ATA Certification Exam Workshop
  • 2005-06-04: French Literary Translation Workshop
  • 2005-05-21: Translator's Toolbox Workshop
  • 2005-04-09: Wordfast Workshop -- The Sequel
  • 2005-01-22: A Trados "Wrap-Up" Workshop for Trados Users


Below is a list of the webinars we offered in 2014. Note that the broadcasts are no longer available for purchase, as they expired 90 days following the original webinar date.


Non-NCTA continuing education opportunities:

(This list gives information about local translation and interpreting workshops and seminars as a service to NCTA members. Inclusion does not imply affiliation with or endorsement by NCTA.)

You can find additional national and international T&I workshops, seminars and other events on:


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