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Find a Linguist

Use this search page if you are looking for an individual translator, interpreter, and/or specialized services such as voice talent and software QA. To search, fill in one or more fields and then click the Continue button below.

Search tips:

    • The Name field is ONLY if you already know the name of the person (DO NOT enter your own name). You can enter all or part of the first or last name.
    • Select Translator for assistance with the written word or Interpreter for the spoken word.
    • If you are looking for a translation agency (language service provider) that can coordinate multiple languages, large projects, and/or desktop publishing, please select the Find a Corporate Member tab above and search on that page.
    • For information about languages and dialects by country, see the Ethnologue site.

Are you a first-time seeker of language services? The American Translators Association offers the following publications to help clients find the right translator or interpreter for their needs and avoid common pitfalls:

Translator or Interpreter

Native Language(s)

Other Language(s) Into English

English Into Other Language(s)

Other Language Combination(s)

General Areas of Specialization

American Translators Association Affiliation

Primary Interpreter Credentials


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